Opéra National to Paris to Showcase ‘Nezquicoule’

By David Salazar

Opéra National de Paris is set to present Helene Bracke’s “Nezquicoule” at the Amphithéâtre Olivier Messian- Opéra Bastille” starting on May 29.

For eight performances through June 1, 2024, the work, which features music by Purcell, Offenbach, Shostakovitch, Händel, Délibes, and Gershwin, will explore the different parts of the face as they dialogue with one other. It is inspired by Nicolas Gogol’s “The Nose,” which was adapted into an opera by Shostakovich. The opera is in five acts and intended for younger audiences.

“Nezquicoule” stars Bracke and Ewout Lehoucq, who will sing and perform on the cello. The two singers adapted the music of the opera. Wim Van de Vyver will provide production design while Evelyne Meerssschaut is the costume and prop designer.

The opera is presented with Theater De Spiegel.