New York Choral Society Announces New Executive Director

By Francisco Salazar

 The New York Choral Society and its Board of Trustees have announced the appointment of Ellen PutneyMoore as the next Executive Director.

PutneyMoore has a wealth of experience in nonprofit management and strategic development, paired with a profound passion for the arts rooted in her background as a professional opera singer.

She has also been the Senior Marketing Director at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan and led marketing campaigns that significantly enhanced community engagement and program visibility. With the Michigan Theatre Foundation, she used her expertise in digital marketing strategy in the performing arts space to create substantial growth in audience reach and engagement.

In a statement Gary Pai, Chair of the New York Choral Society Board of Trustees, said, “Ellen PutneyMoore’s extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, coupled with her passion for the performing arts, makes her the perfect leader for the New York Choral Society. Confidence in her leadership promises that the New York Choral Society will continue to thrive and reach new heights.”

PutneyMoore added, “What initially attracted me to the New York Choral Society was the chance to return to the classical music space. As someone with a deep passion for the arts, who has been a singer herself, I have experienced firsthand the intricate dynamics and demands of the music industry. It felt like my background in the nonprofit space has been preparing me for this very moment.”