New York Choral Society Announces ‘A Carol for all Children’

By Francisco Salazar

The New York Choral Society is set to present the second installment of its virtual season with the premiere of Adolphus Hailstork’s “A Carol For All Children.”

The second installment will be launched on Dec. 15 and will highlight a distinctive collaboration of acapella music at the intersection of modern dance by contemporary artist Brendan Fernandes while highlighting themes of peace, faith, and hope.

The short film was choreographed through the lens of a Queer artist of Kenyan and Indian descent and highlights the need for agency and solidarity.

“While the chorus is not seen in the film, there is something wonderful about every member, alone in their spaces – each trying to reach out into the ether to imagine the one thing we cannot do at the moment – gather in community of song,” David Hayes, Musical Director of New York Choral Society, said in a statement. “Once written for a holiday service at a small Unitarian Church upstate, this collaboration in such a time as this reveals the deeper implications of the work and brings it to life further through movement.”

David Hayes will music direct, with Rosanne Zoccoli as project director, and Steve Heller as producer.

The work follows the first installation of the season, “Peace unto Zion,” which was spotlighted by CBS, NBC, and News12. Our Voices will continue in 2021 with “God is Seen,” “Mother to Son” in March, and “Invitation to Love” in May.