New West Symphony Unveils 2020-21 Digital Season

By Logan Martell

New West Symphony has announced its 2020-21 season of digital programming, featuring eight mini-festival held from October to June.

These festivals will highlight the music, culture, and family traditions that comprise the Greater Los Angeles area while connecting it to orchestral repertoire.

A sneak preview of the season will be available on October 5, 2020, hosted by Artistic and Music Director Michael Christie. Apart from the main concerts, those who purchase an All-Access Passport for NWS mini-festivals will receive additional content such as curated playlists, artist/cultural expert interviews, restaurant discounts, food, and lifestyle explorations, and more.

“Music allows humans to tell stories, share traditions and express our complex emotions. Like a kaleidoscope, as a melody or rhythm is shared, it subtly or dramatically reflects the vibrancy of that time and place. Classical music wouldn’t be the same without the global influences that have left their indelible mark on the art form,” said Christie. “The New West Symphony’s reimagined 2020-21 season spotlights the vivid cultural influences that have shaped classical music and SoCal itself.”

A Tour of JapanOctober 18, 2020

A Tour of IndiaNovember 15, 2020

Violins of HopeJanuary 24, 2021

Black History MonthFebruary 14, 2021

A Tour of South KoreaMarch 7, 2021

Persian FestivalApril 11, 2021

A Tour of MexicoMay 2, 2021

A Tour of ChinaJune 13, 2021