New Sexual Harassment Accusation Against Plácido Domingo Emerges

By David Salazar
(Credit: Ruben Martin)

Reports have emerged of new accusations of sexual harassment against Plácido Domingo.

Per Reuters and The Times, the tenor-turned-baritone faced accusations “from a fellow Spanish singer in a television programme broadcast on Sunday.” The person in question is an unidentified singer who appeared on Spain’s La Sexta television channel, purporting that Domingo “touched her at a theater in Spain at the start of 21st century.” The report also notes that he tried to kiss her during another circumstance.

“One of the first things they tell you is don’t go up in the lift alone with Placido Domingo,” the woman said on television. “The first time that I felt unease was when we were rehearsing. He (Placido) told me in front of everyone: ‘Listen, can I put my hand in one of these lovely pockets of yours.’ I was wearing trousers with an embroidered back pocket… I had a bad stomach because I thought what can I say to (Domingo) in order to carry on normally. If I tell him no, there will be consequences and if I say yes, I don’t even want to think about it.”

She also reportedly did not tell her bosses or authorities about the incident.

Domingo’s representatives have yet to respond to the latest accusations.

Domingo was first accused of sexual harassment in 2019 and all companies in the United States subsequently cut ties with the singer. He has continued his career performing in Europe.