Nashville Opera Nominated for Seven Midsouth Emmy Awards

By Afton Wooten

(Credit: Anthony Popolo)

Nashville Opera along with partners Sunnyside Entertainment has been nominated for seven Midsouth Emmys.

Three of the nominated productions are a part of the company’s 2020-21 season.

The nominations are as follows: Music Composition/Arrangements by Dave Ragland and Mary McCallum for “One Vote Won;” Director – Long Form Content for John Hoomes and Anthony Popolo for “One Vote One;” the Technical Achievement, Editor, and Lighting categories nominated Popolo for “One Vote One;” Cara Schneider and Popolo with “La Bella Notte 2021” and “Opera Jukebox” were also listed in the Lighting category; and finally, Popolo, Ragland, Chris Silverio, and William Stroud were nominated with “One Vote Won” in the Audio section.


“One Vote Won” is Nashville Opera’s first commissioned work and was written in honor of the centennial of the 19th Amendment to the US. Constitution. The work premiered in September 2020.

The winners of the 36th Midsouth Emmy Awards will be announced in late Feb 2022.