Music of Remembrance Streams Heggie & Scheer’s ‘For a Look or a Touch’

By David Salazar

Music of Remembrance will stream Jake Heggie and Gene Scheer’s “For a Look or a Touch” between May 18-25.

The opera was inspired by a true love story of Manfred Lewin and Gad Beck, two men persecuted during the Holocaust for being Jewish and gay. Lewin was murdered in Auschwitz, but his memoirs were preserved. Gad meanwhile overcame poverty and lived until 2012.

The performance showcased comes from the San Francisco Conservatory in 2016. It stars Michael Mayes as Manfred with Robert Orth as Gad. Joseph Mechavich conducts members of the Seattle Symphony in a production by Erich Parce.

The opera can be viewed here.

Music of Remembrance had originally been scheduled to perform “For a Look or a Touch” at its concerts in Seattle and San Francisco. These performances have since been rescheduled for May 2021.