‘Murasaki’s Moon’ & The Top 5 Operas To See This Weekend – North America

By David Salazar

This weekend features a number of unique opera experiences on offer. For our selections, we went with rare and new works being presented by interesting companies that might not always get the limelight.

The Tsar’s Bride – Bel Cantanti Opera

Rimsky-Korsakov’s “The Tsar’s Bride” is a major repertory staple in Europe, but you could count its American productions on one hand. So this production, which has two performances remaining on Saturday and Sunday is undeniably worth it.

Salome – Dayton Opera

Strauss’ legendary work gets performances in Dayton on Friday and Sunday with a cast featuring Kara Shay Thomson in the title role. Norman Garrett plays Jochanaan and John Easterlin plays Herod. This opera is always an adventure and rarely gets performed in the U.S. Don’t miss it.

The Grapes of Wrath – Michigan Opera Theatre

Ricky Ian Gordon and Michael Korie’s opera continues to its ascension among the canon of modern works. And Michigan Opera Theatre has assembled a rock-solid cast that features Katharine Goeldner, Deanna Breiwick, Deborah Nansteel, Tobias Greenhalgh, and Geoffrey Agpalo. There will be performances on Friday and Sunday.

Xochilt, La Niña de Las Flores – Opera Parallèle

Opera Parallèle continues to showcase its commitment to new opera by presenting this work in Spanish and English. With music by Chris Pratorius Gómez and a libretto by Roma Olvera, this work explores a family trying to put down roots in a new country while retaining its heritage. Performances are set for May 18 and 19.

Murasaki’s Moon – On Site Opera

As part of the New York Opera Festival, On Site Opera will present this new work by composer Michi Wiancko and librettist Deborah Brevoort. The performance, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Astor Court will be a unique experience, as is so often the case with On Site’s work. Performances run throughout the weekend.