Monica Bellucci to Bring Maria Callas Show to New York

By Francisco Salazar

Italian cinema icon Monica Bellucci is set to star in “Maria Callas: Letters and Memoirs” at the Beacon Theatre.

The performance will be held on Jan. 27, 2023 for one night only.

Bellucci channels Greek opera legend Maria Callas in this one-woman show with text and stage direction by Tom Volf. Accompanied by the Wordless Music Orchestra, Bellucci recites Callas’s previously unpublished letters and writings to tell the opera singer’s full story in her own words.

Bellucci has performed the play since 2019 in major cities including Paris, Athens, Rome, Milan and at Her Majesty Theater in London.

“Callas’ Letters and Memoirs,” published by Volf, is a trove of unearthed material telling the singer’s life story entirely in her own words.

In a statement, Volf said, “This show is for me the result of seven years of work dedicated to Maria Callas. Maria’s letters represent the most intimate voice of the woman behind the legend. Maria speaks directly to the audience and confides in them, revealing herself—her glory and pain—as never before. For the first time she’s the one telling her own story, instead of others speaking on her behalf.”