Minnesota Opera to Stream ‘Interstate’

By David Salazar

Minnesota Opera is set to present “Interstate” starting on Oct. 9, 2021.

The new opera film features music by Kamala Sankaram with a libretto by Jennifer Cresswell and Kathleen Kelly. Tonya McKinny directs with Ryan McKinny as Director of Photography. The film was produced by Helio Arts. It tells the story of Olivia and Diane, two women who shared traumatic childhoods before heading down divergent paths.

This opera represents the first of three digital offerings by Minnesota Opera in 2021-22.

“The current model of artistic commercialization discourages innovation of narrative and medium, while promoting a cutthroat economic model that provides artists with little support and audiences with little novelty,” Helio Arts stated in a press statement. “We imagine a world that revolves around the creativity of our artists and the viewing experience of our patrons. Through our proprietary platform and innovative business model, we encourage a broader range of artistic narratives, an inventive mix of mediums and an emphasis on inclusivity of voice and background—benefitting audience and artists alike.”