Minnesota Opera to Present Joseph Boulogne’s ‘The Anonymous Lover’

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Minnesota Opera is set to return to the Ordway stage on Feb. 5, 2022 to present Joseph Boulogne’s “The Anonymous Lover.”

The opera will star Symone Harcum as  Léontine, Carlos Santelli as Valcour, Aaron Keeney as Ophémon, Zoie Reams as Dorothée, Leah Brzyski as Jeannette, and Jose Leppek as Colin.

Cristóbal Franklin will conduct a production directed by María Todaro.

“Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges’ extraordinary life, impact and art; his influence on many incredible historical figures; and his incredible success despite the prejudice he faced throughout his life has been the core inspiration for this concept,” Todaro said in an official statement. “Bologne’s life was simply remarkable. While ‘The Anonymous Lover’ has gallant charm, romance, and lighthearted themes of love typical of French culture, I cannot help but see him through each note and I cannot help wondering how much of himself is present through the opera.”

The opera will run through Feb. 13 for a total of four performances.