Miller Theatre Announces 2021-22 Season

By David Salazar

The Miller Theatre at Columbia University School of the Arts has announced its 2021-22 season.

“I am so excited that we are able to resume concerts at Miller Theatre! It has been an enormous effort to get to this result, and there is yet an enormous effort ahead of us. But we are ready for the challenge. Miller Theatre is, and always has been, a home for adventurous ideas, programming, and audiences. The composers and musicians featured in our 2021-22 season are eager to share their work, and we can’t wait to finally experience it together,” said Melissa Smey, Executive Director of Miller Theatre, in a press statement.

For the purposes of this article, our focus will be solely on opera and vocal performances.

Opening the season will be a performance focused on the work of Kati Agócs. Audiences will hear the world premiere of her new cantata “Voices of the Immaculate” performed by Third Sound and vocalist Lucy Dhegrae. The performance will also feature Agócs’ “Immutable Dreams.”

Performance Date: Dec. 9, 2021

Stile Antico will perform Early Music by such composers as Byrd, Monteverdi, llegri, de Lassus, Muhly, Sheppard, Taverner, Ward, Wilbye, White, Rogier, and Tallis, among others.

Performance Date: Feb. 19, 2021