Kati Agócs to Premiere New Song Cycle ‘Voices of the Immaculate’

By Francisco Salazar

On December 9th, 2021 at the Miller Theatre at Columbia University in New York City, composer Kati Agócs will premiere a brand new song cycle, “Voices of the Immaculate.”

The new song cycle will be performed by mezzo-soprano Lucy Dhegrae, with whom it was closely developed, and the chamber ensemble Third Sound.

The evening will also feature Agócs’s “Immutable Dreams,” as well as an interview with the composer.

The new cycle is influenced by the experiences of both Agócs and Dhegraeand and focuses on themes of the survivor’s experience in the aftermath of trauma, and their path towards reclaiming agency and power.

In a statement about the work, Agócs said, “I set the words of people from First Nations, Latin American, Canadian, and U.S. communities – boys and girls from different socioeconomic backgrounds – all raised in the church, and subject to abuses of power that they had to conceal. The musical world that I have built to reveal their testimony is a conduit for those who have told their stories after so much silence, and for those who have yet to speak.”