Michigan Opera Theatre Announces New Deck for Detroit Opera House

By David Salazar

Michigan Opera Theatre has announced that it has acquired a 9,100-square foot deck for the Detroit Opera House.

The new addition will cover the theater’s main-level seating and will include several setups that can connect directly with the stage. More importantly, especially given the need for social distancing protocols, the new deck will provide the company with customizable options in terms of seating.

“For several years, MOT has rented a deck from Levitation Staging for use in the Opera House, and it has become a highly preferred feature for events and weddings, including our own annual gala,” said MOT President and CEO Wayne S. Brown in a press release. “During this time of social distancing, we are pleased to acquire our own deck that offers a permanent solution for providing enhanced staging options for our guests and events. We are very appreciative to Floy and Lee Barthel for once again demonstrating their tremendously generous and long-term support of MOT.”

The Stage Deck consists of more than 1,700 individual components, requires three semi-trailers to transports, takes eight to 10 hours to load, and approximately 18 stagehands to put it together.