Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Pays Tribute to Shirien Taylor-Donohue who Died at 62

By Francisco Salazar

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra violinist Shirien Taylor-Donahue has died at the age of 62.

Taylor-Donahue was principal second violin of the orchestra from July 1987 to May 2016 and was married to Met Master Electrician Paul Donahue.

In a tribute to the violinist, many Met orchestra members wrote about Taylor-Donahue.

Colleague Caterina Szepes noted, “We cried on each other’s shoulders during difficult times and laughed tears countless other times when things were good; and things were good most of the time when you were with Shirien. Even this one time when we were in horrific traffic on Riverside Drive, desperately trying to get to the Met on time while listening to our orchestra playing the overture to ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ on the radio, – which we were supposed to be playing as well…”

Kathy Caswell also remember the violinist in a tribute stating, “Funny memories of a Parks concert in Brooklyn when it started to pour. The concert ended and we had to make a mad dash to the car- we spotted a few black garbage bags on the site so we grabbed two, pulled them over our heads, and realized we couldn’t see, so laughing and giggling we poked two holes (uneven of course) in the bags trying all the while to hold our violins and purses through the pounding rain in the dark like two black zombies bumping into everything! We lost sight of each other but we followed the howls of laughter to stay together!”

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