Metropolitan Opera Guild’s 2017 Educational Initiatives See Solid Growth

By David Salazar

It’s been a good year for the Metropolitan Opera Guild, which saw the enrollments for its education programs grow over the last year.

“Our programs at the Guild are tailored to fit a school’s specific needs, and have been proven to increase a student’s test scores and engagement,” stated Stuart Holt, Director of School Programs and Community Engagement, Metropolitan Opera Guild, in a press release. “Last year at this time, we had 197 classrooms enrolled in our programs — currently, we have 227 classrooms enrolled. We are proud of the work we are doing at the Guild, and the positive impact it’s had on the community.”

Among the programs included in this initiative are “Students Compose Opera,” “Urban Voices,” “Access Opera,” and “Teaching Through Opera.”

“Students Compose Opera” allows those between Pre-K through Grade 12 to create their own music dramas as part of their Language Arts and Social Studies curriculum. “Urban Voices” allows students of all ages to build musical literacy while “Access Opera” opens the doors of the Metropolitan Opera to allow students to watch a live performance. Finally, “Teaching Through Opera” helps educators build their own opera knowledge so that they can better teach students.