Met Opera and BroSis to Host Discussion with Terence Blanchard, Ryan Speedo Green & Michael Bentt

By Chris Ruel

The Met Opera will partner with Harlem social justice and youth program, The Brotherhood Sister Sol (BroSis), to provide a behind-the-scenes look at Terence Blanchard’sChampion” through a series of educational workshops beginning On Mar. 29, 2023, with a discussion “What Does It Take?”

Participating in the discussion will be six-time Grammy Award-winning composer Blanchard, Grammy Award-winner Ryan Speedo Green, and boxing consultant Michael Bentt.

The opera portrays the narrative of Emile Griffith, a once-unknown boxer who rises to prominence as a world champion. However, in one of the most devastating incidents in sports history, he kills his homophobic opponent during a match.

Joining Blanchard, Green, and Bentt will be Jason Warwin, CoFounder and Associate Director of BroSis, and Marsha Jean-Charles, Director of Organizing of BroSis

The event starts at 5:00 pm ET at The Brotherhood Sister Sol, 512 W 143rd St, New York, NY.

The Brotherhood Sister Sol is a non-profit organization that has grown since its beginnings in 1995 into a powerful force that aims to promote social justice and equity by educating, organizing, and training Black and Latinx youth.