Met Chorus Artists Raise Over $200k to Support 148 Furloughed Met AGMA Artists

By David Salazar

The Met Chorus Artists have announced that 148 furloughed Met AGMA Artists are set to receive emergency funds from Met Chorus Artists.

The funds are the result of the Face the Music fundraising campaign started by the Met Chorus Artists, Inc. back in December. Not only did the campaign raise funds from around the world, but was also widely aided by the support of “Guardian Angels” including C. Graham Berwind; Yannick Nezet-Seguin and Pierre Tourville; Diane Tachmindji; Linda Roberts; Timothy Doberstein; and William C. Fuller. In sum, over $200,000 were raised for dancers, choreographers, soloists, choristers, stage managers, staff performers, and stage directors most affected by the pandemic.

Per a press release, each artist will receive $1,352 of support.

“Our success with the Face the Music campaign, our second fundraiser dsuring this lengthy furlough from the Met, is directly attributed to the amazing love and support of our fans, friends and family.  It demonstrates solidarity in the face of unprecedented difficulty in our industry shown by all Met Artists,” said Meredith Woodend, President of Met Chorus Artists, Inc. in a press release “Hearing from grant recipients is the best part of the fundraising process!”