Merola Opera Program’s New Advisory Council to Feature Susan Graham, Deborah Voigt, & Jake Heggie

By David Salazar

The Merola Opera Program has announced that it will establish a new Advisory Council.

Per a press release, the council will be made up of “leaders in  the field of opera performance, young artist training, arts administration, performing arts, and philanthropy.” These leaders will include San Francisco Opera General Director Emeritus David Gockley,  mezzo-soprano Susan Graham, composer Jake Heggie; Seattle Opera General Director Emeritus Speight Jenkins, collaborative pianist, conductor, and educator Martin Katz, retired Metropolitan Opera distinguished arts administrator Sarah Billinghurst Solomon, and soprano Deborah Voigt. Voigt and Graham are former alumni of the Merola Opera Program.

The role of the Advisory Countil will be to further the program’s mission in finding strong talent. They are also to help broaden and enhance the Merola Opera Program’s reputation and standing around the world.

“Throughout their two-year terms, members of the Advisory Council will be asked to share their knowledge in service to Merola’s mission, and may also advise and assist on specific initiatives,” the press release notes.