Medici.TV to Stream Dutch National Opera’s ‘Upload’

By Francisco Salazar

Medici.TV is set to stream The Dutch National Opera’s upcoming “Upload.”

When the live performances of “Upload” could not take place last March during Dutch National Opera’s Opera Forward Festival, a film version of the opera was created. The work stars Roderick Williams as Father and Julia Bullock as Daughter. It also includes actors Katja Herbers (Psychiatrist), Ashley Zukerman (CEO), Esther Mugambi (Scientist), and Claron McFadden (Childhood friend). Michel van der Aa composed, written, and directed the work with the Ensemble MusikFabrik conducted by Otto Tausk.

The opera explores the questions, “What if our minds could live forever—if advances in artificial intelligence and neuroscience offered us a way to transfer our memories and experiences into a sustainable digital consciousness?” and “What are the limits of human memory, and what happens when we are unable to forget? Where do our identities really reside—in our minds, our bodies, our relationships? And how far do the raw data of our lives determine our fate?”

The opera streams starting July 16 with US audiences only able to access the feed until after April 1, 2022. The staged version of “Upload” is scheduled for the upcoming Bregenzer Festspiele, followed by performances in Amsterdam from October 1, 2021.