MassOpera & OperaHub Select ‘Caravana de Mujeres’ for New Opera Workshop

By David Salazar

MassOpera and OperaHub have announced the selection for the New Opera Workshop.

The opera in question is “Caravana de Mujeres” by composer Nicolas Lell Benavides and librettist Laura Barati.

The opera, which features a cast of four women and three men, tells the story of Luz, a Colombian woman in her sixties who is searching for love. Throughout the opera, we learn about her past as she meets once more with a former lover. Meanwhile, her niece Natalia must come to terms with how her aunt’s past may affect her future.

“Caravana de Mujeres” was selected after four rounds of review from among 95 works sent into the New Opera Workshop after it opened its door for submissions in June 2020. Now the New Opera Workshop will provide the team of “Caravan de Mujeres” with the necessary resources to build it  opera from the ground up.

“Developing ‘Caravana de mujeres’ through MassOpera and OperaHub’s New Opera Workshop has been a dream! Often in new opera development, the time allotted for libretto development is necessarily compact to ensure the composer has enough time to compose and orchestrate. It’s been a joy to have this time to simply develop our story and fine-tune the libretto with the support of our wonderful dramaturg, Aida Rocci, and the NOW team,” said Barati in a press release.