Mariusz Kwiecień Resigns from Opera Wrocławska

By Francisco Salazar

Mariusz Kwiecień has resigned as artistic director of Poland’s Opera Wrocławska.

According to reports the baritone resigned due to a media campaign against the manner of his recruitment and his conduct in office. It also noted that the baritone’s high salary was a factor that created tension.

Currrently there is an official investigation that has been ordered into a private birthday party at the opera house and other rumored violations.

The company released a statement on March 2 confirming the baritone’s resignation and said that director Halina Ołdakowska would take over the position in the meantime.

In 2020 Kwiecień announced he would become the Artistic Director of the Opera after retiring from the stage.

When he took the position Kwiecień said, “I have a lot to say about opera these days. I have sufficient background and experience from the greatest opera houses in the world. I have a huge number of wonderful friends, singers, directors and conductors, whom I will be delighted to invite to Wrocław.”

OperaWire will continue to follow the story as the investigation unfolds.