Marina Rebeka Awarded Premio alla Carriera ‘Toti dal Monte’

By Francisco Salazar

Marina Rebeka has received the Premio alla Carriera “Toti dal Monte.”

The award, which was named after the legendary soprano Antonietta Meneghel, was given to Rebeka by a jury that included superintendents and Artistic Directors as well as Music critics from around the world. Stefano Soldan presided over the jury.

In a statement, the jury noted that Rebeka has “a beautiful voice, rich in harmony, solid high notes, and coloratura and a varied repertoire that spans Bel Canto to Verdi and Puccini. Her exquisite sensibility to interpret and her communicative skills make her a soprano to reference in the panorama of contemporary opera.”

In response to the award, Rebeka said, “My dear followers!  I feel honored and delighted to receive the award of Toti dal Monte. It is really a great feeling for me to be chosen as a deserving person for getting this recognition. Firstly, I would like to appreciate all the jury members for choosing me eligible for this amazing award. It would never be possible without my team and of course you – my dear listeners and followers. Thank you for being there!”

Rebeka represents the first winner of this prize which will be an annual award to recognize a great singer of contemporary opera.

The award was also supposed to coincide with a gala concert on Sept. 12 but Rebeka was forced to cancel. She wrote, “Sadly, I was unable to sing yesterday due to health issues – but I am recovering and feeling much better. I know that I will return to this beautiful place – Teatro Comunale Mario Del Treviso – to sing again and to meet my lovely listeners there. I sincerely express my heartiest thankfulness to all.”