Marie-Dominique Ryckmanns Highlights Broadcast of ‘Weiße Rose’ From Staatsoper Hamburg

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
( Credits: Stefanie Giesder Fotografie)

The Staatsoper Hamburg has announced that Udo Zimmermann and Wolfgang Willaschek ‘s chamber opera “Weiße Rose” will be broadcast starting May 9, 2021.

The opera for two singers and fifteen instruments will feature Marie-Dominique Ryckmanns in the role of Sophie Scholl, and Michael Fischer as Hans Scholl. Nicolas André will conduct the Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg in the production by David Bösch.

“Weiße Rose” is based on a real-life events surrounding the resistance movement to the Nazi rule in Germany during World War II. The entire resistance group “Weiße Rose” led by Sophie and Hans Scholl was captured by the Nazis and sentenced to death. The opera displays the last hours of Sophie and Hans Scholl before their execution. The opera had its world premiere in 1986 at the Staatsoper Hamburg.

Director David Bösch created a graphic opera for the centenary of Sophie Scholl’s birth. The project showcases hand-drawn animations and filmed singers who present the historical material in its current relevance.

The broadcast will be available on VOD on the company’s website.