Marcelo Alvarez Quits ‘Andrea Chénier’ Production At Teatro Colón in Bueno Aires

By David Salazar

Something is not right at the Teatro Colón in Argentina.

Just two months after the company was struck by high drama revolving around the troubled contract with soprano Angela Gheorghiu, another top singer has walked out on the company. And this time, the blow strikes close to home.

Argentine tenor Marcelo Alvarez was expected to sing his signature role “Andrea Chénier” in Buenos Aires this fall.

According to reports, he had agreed to arrive 10 days before for rehearsal but Colón artistic director Enrique Diemcke wanted more. Alvarez’s agreement had been made with the previous artistic director Darío Lopérfido.

Now the theater is reportedly looking for his replacement, though the pressure is high for a number of reasons. Alvarez is a star of international repute and was set to star in a production by famed film director Lucrecia Martel, who will be making her debut with the company.

Of course, to this point, this situation has not been touted as a big PR disaster the way the Gheorghiu situation almost went. The soprano went public with her denunciation of the company’s policies, going into details about what displeased her via social media. Alvarez to this point has not made any such comments on social media.

The company also had a break up with famous film director Sofia Coppola.