Mahogany Opera Unveils Various Stages 2020

By David Salazar

Mahogany Opera has announced its slate for Various Stages, the company’s Research and Development Festival set for Thursday, March 19, 2020 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

Audiences will get a chance to glimpse inside the “making of” of several works in different stages via workshops and other feedback sessions. There will also be a Round Table on the question “From dream to reality: how can we help new opera and music theatre to thrive in theatres & operas house” which will be chaired by Rhian Hutchings, Creative Director of Operasonic.

The featured projects include “A place to fall to Pieces” by Isobel and Anna Hughes, “A Reasonable Adjustment” by Toria Banks and Amble Skuse,” “A Rumi Passion” by Rolf Hind, “Cyphonium” by Wojciech Rusin, a work by Gwyneth Herbet & Ogutu Muraya, “Hildegard Visions” by Nwando Ebizie, “Hooligan” by Peter Cant and Jessica Maryon Davies.

Five of these projects were selected via open call; the untitled work by Gwyneth Herbert and Ogutu Muraya and “A Rumi Passion” both come from long-time collaborators of Mahogany Opera.