Lyric Opera Orchestra Members Perform Virtual Concerts for Hospital Patients

By David Salazar
(Image provided by Lyric Opera Orchestra)

Members of the Lyric Opera Orchestra in Chicago have teamed up with Sharing Notes to bring music to patients of local hospitals.

The orchestra revealed that after the closure brought on by the spread of COVID-19, members were feeling a “profound sense of loss of not only performances.”

But inspired by experiences of New York-Area musicians, clarinetist Susan Warner and flutist Marie Tachouet joined forces to connect with members of the Chicago medical community to establish virtual concerts for patients. They then joined forces with Sharing Notes, a non-profit organization aimed at improving the quality of life for Chicago hospital patients through music.

Per a press release, musicians have prepared personally-tailored programs to give each patient a unique and memorable experiences.

“During the bedside concert, I realized I was fulfilling a need within myself,” said clarinetist Susan Warner in the press release. “Three months had passed since sharing any live music with an audience so this moment was feeding my soul — possibly more than the comfort or companionship I was providing my audience of one. Live music is truly a fundamental need.”