Lucas Meachem to Hold LA Masterclass

By Francisco Salazar

Lucas Meachem is set to host a free masterclass on Sept. 30, 2023 at MiMoDa Studio in Los Angeles.

The course will take place while Meachem is in town for the title role in Los Angeles Opera’s new production of “Don Giovanni.”

In a statement, Meachem said, “Having received so much help along my vocal journey, it only feels right to give back. By helping the next generation, we help ourselves and our cultural art form remain strong. What sets this masterclass apart from others is that the singers will be paid and we have one ‘wildcard’ slot to fill. With the selection of a wildcard participant, I am attempting to recreate some scenarios from my own career where I have had to ‘jump in’ to a performance with only hours of advanced warning. For me this will be the most coveted spot, as the singer chosen will receive a real life opera experience unlike any other.”

The masterclass drew 100 submissions through an application process including a video performance of an opera or operetta. Meachem ended up choosing five volcaists; soprano Ayanna Delk-Lewis, baritone Jacob Hanes, soprano Claire Pegram, tenor Dominic Salvati, and soprano Alissa Goretsky.

Mezzo-soprano Christina Pezzarossi and baritone Matthew Cossack were selected as alternates.

In addition, a sixth participant will be selected by live drawing at the class – bringing a suspenseful live element to the event. The drawing is open to all masterclass attendees who meet the masterclass requirements.

The event is free and open to the public for those wishing to attend in the audience.