Los Angeles Opera Announces New Board Members

By David Salazar

The Los Angeles Opera has announced that Monique Kagan, Gary W. Murphy, Tina Segel, Mimi Won Techentin and Joakim Zetterberg have been elected to the Board of Directors.

Kagan has experienced working on the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee for Joseph Biden and Howell Heflin. She has also worked for the L.A. City Council and is a co-chair at the Philharmonic Council of the LA Philharmonic.

Murphy is the President and CEO of the Opera League of Los Angeles. As a PR specialist, he has worked with such organizations as the Ojai Music Festival, The Wallis, The Soraya, and the California Institute for the Arts, among others.

Segel was a reporter, anchor, news director and host of “Coachella Valley Crime Stoppers.” She is also a board member of Beirut’s Haigazian University and sits on the committee of the Armenian Missionary Association of America’s Child Care Organizations.

Won Techentin has written and produced a dozen dramas on Netflix, ABC, NBC, and CBS and served as a director and president of the board overseeing the Abbot Academy Fund at Phillips Academy Andover.

Finally, Zetterberg has worked in the entertainment industry, specifically the creative side of product development of consumer products such as comic books, toys, video games, and specialty items like collectible figurines and replica movie props. He is the executive vice president at Heroic Signatures.

“After the triumphant first two productions of our new season, it’s an auspicious time to welcome our newest board members,” said Keith R. Leonard, Jr., chairman of LA Opera’s board of directors, in an official press statement issued by the company. “They have joined a dedicated team of community leaders committed to moving the art form we love forward. We are excited to channel their talents, expertise and creative energies into invigorating our mission of creating unforgettable opera experiences for our audiences and for our community.”