Lisette Oropesa, Michael Fabiano & Ainhoa Arteta Highlight Teatro Real’s Virtual Opera Fest

By Francisco Salazar

The Teatro Real is teaming up with a number of star singers to create the #OperaFest

The festival will begin on March 21 and run through March 22 with each artist performing digitally via Instagram Live.

The artists will perform songs and arias from a diverse array of repertoire. Among the singers who are scheduled to join the concert include Lisette Oropesa, Ainhoa Arteta, Berna Perles, Michael Fabiano and Juan Francisco Gatell.

The Teatro Real recently canceled all performed through April 28. The company expects to return for Verdi’s “La Traviata.”

Here is the complete schedule with each artists instagram accounts. All times featured are local times in Spain. 

March 21

17.00 h. Ruth Iniesta, soprano (@ruth_iniesta)
17.30 h. Luis Cansino, barítono (@luiscansinobaritono)
18.00 h. Michael Fabiano, tenor (@tenorfabiano)
18.30 h. Ainhoa Arteta, soprano (@ainhoarteta)
19.00 h. Manel Esteve, barítono (@manelestevemadrid)
19.30 h. Borja Quiza, barítono (@borjaquiza)
20.00 h. Juan Francisco Gatell, tenor (@juanfranciscogatell)

March 22

17.30 h. Pablo García-López, tenor (@pablogarcialpez)
18.00 h. Rocío Pérez, soprano (@rocioperezsop)
18.30 h. Berna Perles, soprano (@bernaperles)
19.00 h. Natalia Labourdette, soprano (@labourdettesoprano)
19.30 h. Inés Ballesteros, soprano (@inesballesterossoprano)
20.00 h. Lisette Oropesa, soprano (@lisetteoropesa)