Lisette Oropesa Hints at Future Roles

By Francisco Salazar

Lisette Oropesa is hinting at some future roles including “Norma.”

In a recent interview with Forumopera, the soprano said, “Norma, I’ve already been asked to do it. And I have a contract to sing Norma in the future.”

Regarding the role the soprano said, “Norma, for me, it’s interesting because Norma, you can hear all kinds of voices there. For example a very heavy Norma, a voice for Aida for example, really verdian, full, rich, ‘corposa,’ a very big. But we can also hear mezzos like Cecilia Bartoli who sang Norma. And also light lyric sopranos like Beverly Sills for example. I think it depends a lot on the rest of the cast, the other singers, the conductor, the theater, and the interpretation, what I have to do.”

The soprano also said that she was going to sing “Maria Stuarda” but was not sure she would do all three Donizetti queens.

“I already have contracts to do Maria Stuarda, in the future, not very far, it will only be in two years. I’m already going to try Maria Stuarda. But I don’t think I’m going to do the three queens. One year I can do Maria Stuarda, then five years later maybe watch Anna Bolena… But it also depends on Norma. I think I’m going to do Norma before doing Anna Bolena, to see… Because Anna Bolena is very, very low, it’s written almost for a mezzo-soprano. There are Anna Bolenas who have lighter voices than me, like Beverly Sills for example. But we hear a lot of variations, a lot!”

The soprano also noted that she was interested in Marguerite from “Faust,” “Thaïs,” and serious Rossini operas like “Siege of Corinth.” However, she added that she did not believe that her voice would ever be right for dramatic Verdi like Elisabetta in “Don Carlo” or Leonora in “Il Trovatore.”

Oropesa is currently performing a tour of “La Traviata” with the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma and will perform the opera at the Wiener Staatsoper.