Lisette Oropesa Announces Zarzuela Album

By Francisco Salazar

Lisette Oropesa has announced that her upcoming album is completed.

The soprano took to social media and noted that her album was a Zarzuela album of arias from Spain and Cuba.

She said, “That’s a wrap! We finished recording our new album of Zarzuela arias of Spain and Cuba, and I am so proud! Everyone has done wonderful work and this recording will always have a special place in my heart! A big thank you to Fundación ORCAM for their beautiful work in the chorus for several tracks, as well as the Orchestra of the Teatro Real for their incredible playing! Thank you Maestro Oliver Diaz for your inspired leadership! Thank you to my pianist and collaborator Rubén Fernández Aguirre for his help in preparing this music. And finally to all the production team and engineers at the San Francisco Classical Recording Company. You guys are the best!”

The album will mark her third with the San Francisco Classical Recording Company following her “Ombra Compagna” and “Rossini and Donizetti French Bel Canto Arias” recordings. The soprano also recorded a complete recording of “La Traviata” alongside Rene Barbera and Lester Lynch.


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