Lincoln Center to Present World Premiere of Georgia Shreve’s ‘Courageous Women of Antiquity’

By Chris Ruel

Lincoln Center will present the world premiere performance of Georgia Shreve’s “Courageous Women of Antiquity” at Alice Tully Hall on April 26, 2022.

Shreve’s work comprises two semi-operatic oratorios, one celebrating Lavinia, a woman who defied kings and threats of war, to marry her love, Aeneus, and the other, Anna Komnene, author of the “Alexiad,” a chronicle of her father’s time as the Byzantine Emperor. Shreve’s texts are inspired and stylized after Homer’s “Iliad,” with the “Aeneid” and Komnene’s “Alexiad.”

Steven Mercurio conducts the Philharmonia of New York in this semi-staged, multi-media concert.

The cast includes Wendy Bryn Harmer as Lavinia/Anna Komnene; Richard Troxell as Aeneas/Bryennius; Matthew Anchel as Latinus/John; Ben Edquist as Virgil/Alexios; Sofia Selowsky as Amata/Anna Delucina; Alexander McKissick as Turnus/Constantine; Jaqueline Bolier as Irene; and Larisa Martinez as Maria.