Les Talens Lyrique to Pay Homage to Bach this June

By Nicolas Quiroga

Christophe Rousset and Les Talens Lyriques will pay homage to Johann Sebastian and Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach at the Thomaskirche in Leipzig on June 11, 2022.

This showcase will be a restaging of the 1786 charity event originally organized by Johann Sebastian’s son, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, in support of a medical institute for the poor; that concert featured the first public performance of the Credo from J.S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor.

“In the 1780s, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was in full possession of his abilities. His Magnificat is an astonishing work, very different from the one written by his father and imbued with the Sturm und Drang style, with highly expressive and virtuosic arias. Although the unity of this program is given by the fact that Carl Philipp Emanuel himself chose it, it is nevertheless very eclectic in expression and in the styles that are covered,” Rousset said in an official press statement.

The conductor and harpsichordist will lead Les Talens Lyriques and the Vocalconsort Berlin; the vocal soloists include Rachel Redmond, Hagar Sharvit, William Knight, and Kresimir Strazanac.

In addition to the “Symbolum Nicenum” from the Mass in B minor, the showcase will include music from Händel’s “Messiah” as well as three pieces by C.P.E. Bach.