La Quincena Musical de San Sebastián Plans New 2020 Summer Season

By Francisco Salazar

La Quincena Musical de San Sebastián has announced it will go on as planned but with a modified schedule.

The summer festival, which was scheduled to begin on August 1 and end on the 29, 2020, will change its programming to make the festival as safe as possible. Director Patrick Alfaya noted in a video on the festival’s Facebook page that it will be made up of chamber music concerts and will only showcase local Spanish artists.

He also stated that the festival will announce its new programming in the coming weeks.

This is the second Spanish festival to continue with a summer festival. The festival in Santander will also revise its festival due to budget cuts.

Spain is one of the hardest hit countries in the world with 236,899 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 24,275 confirmed deaths. According Worldmeter, however, there are 132,929 recovered cases.