LA Opera Releases Apology Following Insulting International Women’s Day Post

By Francisco Salazar

The LA Opera has released an apology following a post that was intended to celebrate International Women’s Day but led to anger and frustration.

In a statement via social media, the company said, “Earlier, we posted what was intended to be light-hearted commentary about the completely normal biological functions that more than half the population (like us) face in silence and often shame due to the hush imposed on such topics around the world. Our timing was off by connecting it with International Women’s Day, a day when we should instead be celebrating our many accomplishments and contributions. We apologize.”

The original post had four pictures with different stages of the menstrual cycle and the caption stating, “The moment when the dwarf looks in the mirror for the first time and doesn’t love what he sees? We felt that.” The four pictures also used words that depicted the different stages, ‘Menstruation,’ ‘Folliculear’ ‘Luteal,’ and ‘Ovulation.’

You can see both posts below:


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