La Monnaie / De Munt Reveals Details for ‘Rivoluzione e Nostalgia’

By David Salazar

La Monnaie / De Munt has released new details for its “Rivoluzione e Nostalgia.”

Imagined by Carlo Goldstein and Krystian Lada, the new story features music from Verdi’s first 16 operas and is set in May 1968 and in 2008. Audiences will experience the story across two separate performances.

“Rivoluzione” takes place in the late 1960s and will be presented on March 22, 2024. The story focuses on three young men and their attraction for Laura, a committed activist studying violin. Laura’s peaceful resistance is brought into question as the revolution becomes increasingly confrontational. The work stars Enea Scala, Vittorio Prato, Justin Hopkins, Nino Machaidze, Gabriela Legun, and Hwanjoo Chung.

“Nostalgia” takes place 40 years after “Rivoluzione” and features the three old friends meeting at an art gallery. They remember Laura, who disappeared 40 years earlier. This work will be presented on March 24, 2024 and stars Scott Hendricks, Giovanni Battista Parodi, Dennis Rudge, Helena Dix, Gabriela Legun, Paride Cataldo, and Saténik Khourdoian.

Carlo Goldsten conducts the two performances. Lada directs the production.