L2 Artists Launches Online Program to Train BIPOC Managers

By David Salazar

L2 Artists has announced a new digital initative aimed at helping Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are interested in entering the field of artistic management.

In total, 10 participants will enter a new digital training program over Zoom throughout the first week of August, during which they will engage with several major members of the opera industry.

On the first day of the program, participants will engage in an introduction from Founder and President of L2 Jeffrey Larson and L2 Artist Manager Aaron Grant.

The ensuing day, the focus will be on cultivating relationships with artists. Special guests for that day will include Mezzo-soprano Briana Hunter and soprano Jacqueline Echols.

Khori Dastoor of Opera San Jose and David Lomeli of The Dallas Opera and the Bayerische Staatsoper will be the guest speakers for the third day, which will focus on working with opera companies.

Day four will center on working with symphony orchestras, and day five will focus on the future of artist management; both of these days will be led by Larson and Grant (the duo will make appearances throughout the week as well).

“The team at L2 Artists has been fortunate to find our way into the field of artist management. Upon recent and necessary reflection of our industry, we recognize that the current state of management does not accurately reflect the diverse mosaic of our society or the artists whom we represent,” L2 management stated in a press release. “Our industry has talked enough and the time for action has come. We have created these seminars to help identify minority individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in artist management, paving the way to ensure a more diverse set of future influencers in our field.

“It is our hope that this will be the first of many opportunities for the L2 team to share our knowledge, and to mobilize potential artist managers with the skills necessary to enter the industry.”