Krysty Swann & Michael Fennelly Perform for The International Foundation for Arts and Culture and Sing for Hope

By Afton Wooten

On Oct. 14, 2021, mezzo-soprano Krysty Swann and pianist Michael Fennelly performed at a special Sing for Hope (SFH) pop-up concert in Little Island in New York.

In attendance were Founder’s Circle Members, as well as The International Foundation for Arts and Culture’s (IFAC) International Executive Director Midori Miyazaki, former Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott, and The Handa Foundation’s Executive Director Kevin O’Brien. This concert was also open to the public.

The musical team shared their selection on one of Sing for Hopes signature custom pianos. The unique instrument was made by artist Jieun Yang. SFH has partnered with various artists to create over 500 one-of-a-kind pianos placed in public spaces.

Following the performance, SFH’s Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director Camille Zamora and Education Director Sharyn Pirtle spoke about the organization’s recent program developments, such as its employment of NYC musicians for their daily concert at Javits Vaccination Center that has been running for 125 consecutive days. Next on the program was IFAC’s Ms. Miyazaki and Mr. Abbott ’s, who talked about the organization’s global cultural initiatives, including the renowned Handa Opera on Sydney Harbor and the steps they plan to take to restore musical and theatrical seasons worldwide.

Dr. Haruhisa Handa said in a press release, “I believe that music and the arts have the power to transform human hearts and minds, to draw us inward and upward to make the world around us a better place. Sing for Hope brings this transformational power to the disenfranchised of society. I am happy to support Sing for Hope as it continues to leverage the arts to illuminate and create a better, brighter, more sustainable future.”