Komische Oper Berlin Announces Revised 2020-21 Season

By David Salazar

The Komische Oper Berlin has announced its plans for the 2020-21 season, which will include a revised gameplan for the time period between September and December.

The company will present five premieres between September and December, including the operetta “The Grand Duchess of Gerolstein,” the choral project “Mondnacht” with songs by Robert Schumann, and Gluck’s “Iphigenie on Tauris.”

Additionally, the company will present “Pierrot Lunaire” and the concertante operetta production “The Flower of Hawaii.”

There will also be a special edition of “Die Zauberflöte” to align with safety protocols, a new concert program focused on Igor Stravinsky’s work, song recitals Günter Papendell and Katharine Mehrling, as well as salon talks.

The Komische Oper Berlin will also provide audiences with a free performance from Gob Squad.

The originally planned new productions “Katja Kabanova,” “Tom Sawyer” and “The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny” will be postponed until the following season.

“As the director, I am very fortunate that we at the Komische Oper Berlin have an ensemble of 24 curious and experimental singers and that more than 100 musicians in our orchestra are used to playing a wide variety of repertoire and that our 60 choir soloists are among the most flexible, indeed best, choir performers in the world,” stated Director Barrie Kosky in a press release regarding the altered season. “This is the perfect basis to steer through uncertain times and to follow unknown paths.”

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