Kate Lindsey Announces New Album ‘ARIANNA’

By Francisco Salazar

Alpha Classics has announced mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey’s second album “ARIANNA.”

The new album will showcase Lindsey embodying the character of Ariadne, the mythical figure of the abandoned lover whose story has provided potent artistic inspiration for composers from the renaissance period to the present day.

The new album will feature three cantatas by Haydn, Handel, and Scarlatti who each provide their own musical response to Ariadne’s timeless and universal story.

For the new album the mezzo-soprano is joined by the ensemble Arcangelo and conducted by Jonathan Cohen.

In a press release Lindsey noted, “The repertoire of Arianna is definitely baroque, yet the space it allows for color, freedom of expression and improvised ornamentation almost gives it the spirit of jazz. To break down the walls between these different genres has been artistically liberating.”

The album is set for release on Jan. 24, 2020


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