Karen Slack, Tesia Kwarteng, Javier Abreu, John Castillo Headline World Premiere of Decameron Opera Coalition’s ‘Heroes’

By David Salazar

The Decameron Opera Coalition is set to present the world premiere of “Heroes” on Friday, Oct. 1, 2021.

The company will release eight world premieres across three episodes with composer Peter Hilliard and librettist Matt Boresi’s “Hero Songs” framing the other three episodes. “Hero Songs” will feature Karen Slack alongside Tesia Kwarteng, Javier Abreu, and John Castillo.

Episode one is entitled “Answering the Call” and features “The Place” by Maria Thompson Corley and Sandra Oyinloye, created by Lyric Opera of the North in Duluth Minnesota; “Letter to Our Childen” by Justine F. Chen and Jacqueline Goldfinger, created by Resonance Works from Pittsburgh; “Unsung Activist” by Steve Wallace, created by Opera in the Heights from Houston, Texas.

Episode two, “The Long Arc” will feature North Dakota-based Fargo-Moorehead Opera’s “Sacajawea: Woman of Many Names” by Dawn Avery and Blake Hill-Saya and Chicago Fringe Opera’s “The Widow’s Will” by Elizabeth Rudolph and Bilal Dardai.

Finally, Episode three, “Sustenance” will showcase Milwaukee Opera Theatre’s “Home Cooked Heroes” by Brit Nicole and Ms. Lotus Fankh as well as New York-based Bare Opera’s “Heroes of New York” by Dina Pruzhansky and Briana Hunter.

There will also be Episode parties allowing for audiences to interact with artists virtually. Episode one will be celebrated on Oct. 3 with Episode two feted on Oct. 5. The final Episode party, highlighting Episode three, is set for Oct. 7.