Julie Fuchs & Hamburg State Opera Arrive At Agreement

By Francisco Salazar

Julie Fuchs has announced the conclusion her Pamina pregnant story from last season at the Hamburg State Opera.

The soprano posted on social media that the company and her had reached an agreement.

“Hamburg State Opera and I have reached an agreement regarding the conditions of the termination of my guest contract for the role of Pamina in ‘Die Zauberflöte’ in May 2018. One year on, I am happy to announce that following proceedings at the Stage Arbitration Court in Hamburg, I have received my full agreed fee as compensation for the short-term cancellation of my employment in the production. As some of you may remember, apart from my initial announcement, I have gone to great lengths not to talk about this matter publicly,” she noted. “Now that the agreement has been reached, I’m proud to have stood up for what is right, and I hope this incident and the ruling will help set a good example for other pregnant women and other opera houses. Thank you for your support during this time.”

Last year in April the soprano was forced out of a production of  “Die Zauberflöte” so that Jette Steckel’s production would not be artistically compromised due to a four-month pregnancy.

At the time, Tillmann Wiegand, Director of Artistic Management at the Hamburg State Opera, stated “There are a variety of physically demanding scenes in this production, including several flight scenes, which are prohibited in principle for pregnant women. The legal situation for the protection of the expectant mother is clear and we will never take a health risk, even if only a risky scenic action could take place on the stage,”

In response, the soprano said, “Whilst I respect the artistic vision of the theatre, I am saddened that we were not able to find a solution to accommodate this slight physical difference which does not negatively affect my vocal or artistic performance.”

Fuchs is currently performing in a new production of “Il Turco in Italia” at the Opernhaus Zurich.