Julia Mintzer to Headline Tulsa Opera’s Unique ‘Salome’ Production

By Nicolas Quiroga

The Tulsa Opera will premiere a new production of “Salome” on April 29 and May 1, 2022 at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.

The cast of this production stars Julia Mintzer, Wayne Tigges, Jay Hunter Morris, Katharine Goeldner, César Delgado, Kevin Thompson, Ryan Belongie, Kevin Thompson, Spencer Hamlin, Ashraf Sewailam, Pavel Suliandziga, Makudupanyane Senaoana, Marc Molomot, Jason Ferrante, and Joe Chappel. Peter Ash conducts.

This new production of “Salome,” which will be directed by Thaddeus Strassberger, takes place in the middle of a birthday party dedicated to Herod, in which the public serves as guests and will begin before entering the concert hall. The immersive production will feature local marching bands and drummers outside the theater providing a enthusiastic welcome, and then walk down a red carpet featuring dancers from Tulsa’s Kripalaya Dance Academy. A DJ will also play Middle Eastern rhythms, a choir will sing and and there will be gladiator fights, among a host of other activities.

“’Salome’ is an opera that isn’t meant to be only heard or seen, but felt and get completely lost within. This production will be a ‘mega-experience’ filled with surprises, intimate details, massive emotions and gory details of a princess who stops at nothing to satiate her innermost desires. The decadence and absurdity of it all will be an experience to remember for a very long time,” said Strassberger in an official statement.