Juan Diego Flórez Announces New Album Dedicated To Latin American Song

By David Salazar

Juan Diego Flórez has announced his latest album for Sony Classical.

The album, which is entitled “Bésame Mucho,” will feature music from Latin American and is set to be released on Sept. 21, 2018.

The tenor made the announced via Instagram, though the entire album and its track listings are available on Amazon.

The track listing includes “Bésame mucho,” “El tamalito,” “Sombras,” “Aquarela do Brasil,” “Cucurrucucú Paloma,” “La pollera colorá,” “Caballo Viejo,” “Amanecí entre tus brazos,” “Séolo le pido a Dios,” “Contigo en la distancia,” “José Antonio,” “La malagueña,” “Guantanamera,” “Cuando llora mi guitarra,” “Canción con todos,” “Si vas para Chile,” “Volver,” ‘El yerberito moderno.”

This is the tenor’s second album with Sony after his successful “Mozart” album, released a year ago.




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