Jonnet Solomon Joins Pittsburgh Opera’s Board of Directors

By David Salazar

Jonnet Solomon has been named to Pittsburgh Opera’s Board of Directors.

Solomon is a founding member and the Executive Director of National Opera House, “a nonprofit organization working to restore and maintain the historic headquarters of the National Negro Opera Company (NNOC), the first African-American opera company in the United States.” She holds an Accounting degree from Duquesne University and is the founder of JSA, LLC, an accounting firm that works with start-ups and small businesses. She is also a performing and teaching artist.

“Being on the Board of Pittsburgh Opera helps fulfill Mary Cardwell Dawson’s mission, and will help enable continual close partnership between National Opera House and Pittsburgh Opera”, Solomon said in an official press statement. “Together, we will ensure that our shared programming and vision truly serve the needs of the entire community. I see this as a significant symbol of reconciliation.”

“Jonnet joining our Board further solidifies the partnership between Pittsburgh Opera and National Opera House,” Pittsburgh Opera Board Chair Michele Fabrizi said in an official press statement.

Per the statement, the partnership will feature the two organizations developing programming in music education, artistic development, and community engagement throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.