Jonas Kaufmann & Ludovic Tézier Start Petition to Save Arts

By Francisco Salazar

Jonas Kaufmann and Ludovic Tézier have begun a petition to save culture in Europe.

The petition was created in order to support artists who have been left without work and for European nations to preserve the opera world.

In the petition Kaufmann and Tézier state, “We, artists, humbly invite those for whom this answer is an immeasurable and intangible truth, to sign this petition, in order to express their support for the idea of a society where beauty and culture must not disappear and of a Europe which is in duty to preserve the most beautiful legacy of its own civilization: Art.”

They continue, “At the time of confinement, the broadcasts, offered graciously by major theaters, but also by the participating artists -let us not forget it- are only an expedient versus the magnitude of the catastrophe represented by a serial cancellation, mostly without any compensation, for all artistic contracts. Obviously, the success that these broadcasts are meeting paradoxically attests to the public’s attachment to « living art ». This passionate public knows it, we live it: the lyric art is consubstantial with the « boards », our stages, that two millennia still have not worn, and the current digitalization, as it appears, is only a magnificent substitute for a fragile emotion. We artist are fragile, hence the world of Opera too.”

Tézier and Kaufmann have collaborated on numerous occasions including a recording of Verdi’s “Aida” and in a “Don Carlos” from Paris, among many others.

The petition is translated in five languages including French, Spanish, German, and Italian. You can sign the petition and find out more here.