Jamie Barton & Morris Robinson Among Atlanta Opera’s Artistic Advisory Council Members

By David Salazar
(Credit: Fay Fox)

The Atlanta Opera has hired a number of notable artists to conform its Artistic Advisory Council.

Its new advisors will include Jamie Barton, Michael Mayes, Kevin Burdette, and Morris Robinson.

Burdette has appeared in such operas as “Die Entführung aus dem Serail” and “Dead Man Walking” at Atlanta Opera. Robison appeared in “Rigoletto” with the company, while both Barton and Mayes took on “Dead Man Walking” with the organization.

“The team we have assembled represents some of the busiest, most beloved artists in the field. They have a strong connection to the city of Atlanta, to the company, and to me personally.” stated General and Artistic Director Tomer Zvulun, per the company’s official website. “Some of them view the company as their home company and have a personal stake in its success. We will be working together on figuring out how we can continue to develop this company, enhance its reach, increase its diversity and promote awareness of the fact that we are building the major international opera company that Atlanta deserves.”