Itinéraire Baroque Announces Four-Day Festival in Honor of Ton Koopman

By David Salazar

Itinéraire Baroque is set to honor the 80th birthday of Artistic Director Ton Koopman this August.

The four-day festival will feature a wide range of concerts, including numerous vocal performances. That will be the focus of this article.

First up is Ensemble Les Surprises will present works by Giovanni Legrenzi, Tarquinio Merula, Giovanni Antonio Rigatti, Claudio Monteverdi, Alessandro Grandi, Antonio Lotti, Salomone Rossi, Francesco Cavalli, and Giovanni Battista Fontana. The showcase takes place at the Abbatiale de Cercles.

Performance Date: August 1, 2024

Countertenor Pieter De Praetere headlines “Musick or a While” alongside Musica Gloria. The program, which takes place at Église de Champeaux, will feature music by Henry and Daniel Purcell.

Performance Date: August 3, 2024

“Dios y Hombre” will feature works by Mateo Flecha “El Viejo”, Francisco Guerrero, and Alonso Mudarra. Performers include Inés Alonso, Oriol Guimerà, Jorge Losano, and Victor Cruz; Losano also conducts. The showcase will be presented at Église de Saint Front-sur-Nizonne.

Performance Date: August 3, 2024

“La Naissance de l’Air Baroque” will showcase soprano Johanette Zomer and theorbo player Fred Jacobs. The program, which takes place at the Église de Saint Félix de Bourdeilles, includes works by Giulio Caccini, Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger, Johann Nauwach, Constantijn Huygens, Nicholas Lanier, Michel Lambert, and Henry Purcell.

Performance Date: August 3, 2024

The festival ends with Ton Koopman conducting Bach’s “St. John Passion” with Elizabeth Breuer, Sophia Faltas, Klaus Mertens, and Tilman Lichdi as the soloists. The concert will take place at the Église de Saint-Astier.

Performance Date: August 4, 2024