Israeli Opera Releases Video ‘Bring Him Home’

By Francisco Salazar

The Israeli Opera will not be able to celebrate World Opera Day due to the war and as a result, has released a video of “Bring Him Home.”

The company took to social media and said, “Tomorrow, October 25th, is World Opera Day. But while our children and babies are being held hostage by terror organizations in underground tunnels in Gaza, here at the Israeli Opera we won’t be able to rejoice with the rest of the world. Instead, we sing the prayer to ‘Bring Him Home’ from ‘Les Mis√©rables,’ in a cry for support in our efforts to free the Israeli children, women, men and elderly who’ve been kidnapped. Please join our prayer for their safe return.”

The video showcases Israeli Opera soloists Anat Czarny and Oded Reich in an Arrangement by David Sebba.

The Israeli Opera recently canceled all its performances due to the war.